Meet The Fitness 1 Personal Trainers

Chris and Natasha Williams-Thompson

Untamed Fitness & INBF Phoenician Classic

Chris Thompson is a Graduate from Arizona State University with his degree in Kinesiology (The study of the Human body in motion). Chris has 15 solid years of experience instructing individuals with group training, nutritional health, extreme weight loss and post-rehab training.

Natasha Williams-Thompson is a current WNBF natural pro women’s bodybuilder and formerly nationally ranked natural powerlifter with 8 years of experience instructing individuals with group training, nutritional health, extreme weight loss, contest prep, and contest posing.

Reaching your paradise will seem HARD

It’s also HARD living with your current mindset and body



Kathy Cole

“Killer Cole Creations”

Kathy Cole is A.C.E. certified and has over 40 years experience in the health and fitness industry.

* Kathy has been affiliated with Fitness 1 Gym since 2008.

* Kathy has experience training new clients from the beginner level through advanced levels of competition prep for fitness competitions.

* Kathy’s competitive Bodybuilding career; she won the Ms. Phoenix in 1986, Ms. Arizona Middle weight in 1987 and the Japanese Invitational winner in 1988 and she also earned her IFBB Pro Card.

Mission Statement

I take pride in helping clients adopt a healthy lifestyle by incorporating science based nutrition; safe and effective weight training and functional skills into their everyday lives.

Jordan Amoroso is the owner of J-Fit Solutions LLC. She has been in the fitness industry for over 6 years and has helped hundreds of men and women reach their fitness goals!

Since Jordan could walk she was always part of some sort of athletic arena and within the last 5 years she transitioned her focus to bodybuilding. Competing in 3 National Shows and placing 5th at Junior USA’s and 6th at USA’s.

Jordan received her personal training certification through International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA) and is also certified through ISSA as a Glute Specialist. Jordan has experience in both one on one and small group training as well as instructing large group fitness classes such as F45 and Orangetheory.

J Fit Solutions is a community where both men and women can come and work towards one common goal- FITNESS! Come join the J- Fit Squad, and become a healthier version of YOU!

Coach Jordan

Samaiyah Council


  •   B.S. Exercise Science & Kinesiology (Lafayette College May 2002)
  •   NASM PT Certified
  •   CPR/AED Certified
  •   Nutrition Specialist – AASDN ———————————————————— Areas of training specialty
    •   General Fitness (Fat loss/Muscle again)
    •   Nutritional coaching
    •   Sports specific training
    •   Bodybuilding/ Figure competition Posing
    •   Strength & Conditioning
    •   Group & Couples Training ————————————————————- Who is Motivated Maya?

    

Professional Women’s Physique Athlete
Ex-semi Professional Women’s Basketball player 10x half-marathon finisher
2x full marathon finisher
Elite Spartan Finisher

Although I was a high level
At the age of 16, I finally noticed that I was built differently than the other athletes & considered how much better

athlete in high school I was also over weight as a teenager. of an athlete I could be if I were in better shape aka lost weight & became stronger.

Thus, I hired my first Personal Trainer at the age of 16 and continued to work with her throughout my collegiate career. Working with a trainer elevated my sports performance, improved my quality of life and elevated my self- confidence as an adolescent & young adult. Working with a trainer changed my life & inspired me to become a trainer so I could change the lives of others just as my trainer did for me.

Camie Beaubien

Camie’s Addiction Fitness


  • University of Arizona, B.A.


  • Personal Trainer (CPT) Nasm
  • Specialist in Corrective Exercise (CES), NASM
  • Specialist in Senior Fitness (SFS), NASM
  • Neuromuscular Stretching, NASM
  • Group Exercise AFAA
  • Silver Snearker Instructor

For the last 10 years, my focus has been in lifestyle training, with an emphasis on balancing the body through Corrective Exercise.  I have extensive experience with Special Populations including Seniors, Post-Surgical Rehab (joint replacement) and Parkinson’s patients…in addition to my regular clientele.  I am dedicated to helping my clients and friends live their best lives!

Jessica Martin



Over the last 8 years I have continually immerse myself in various fields of competitive sports so that I may not only learn different techniques that I could apply to my clients, but to challenge myself both mentally and physically.

I believe what makes a great coach is someone who not only loves what they teach, but fully understands what their clients will go through from start to finish in order for them to reach their fullest potential. By actively competing in the sports I love myself (bodybuilding & powerlifting) , and furthering my education, I have created many skills to help further my clients goals.

My area’s of expertise

Bodybuilding Prep
Posing Coach (all except bikini)

I also really enjoy getting down and dirty and pushing myself and leading others in OCR events, Endurance events (including 12-36 hour events) Ragnar Team Trail Running & Go-Ruck.

I offer 1-on-1 & 2-on-1 training. I specialize in physique transformation and strength training. Regardless of whether that’s to step on a bodybuilding stage, compete at a Powerlifting meet, create the body you’ve always wanted, or to become a healthier and happier version of yourself, I can help.



Paige Simmons 

Nasm Certified personal trainer with over 4 year of experience. Ongoing education and development is a priority of mine and currently pursuing a bachelors degree In Kinesilology at Arizona State. Along with my major  I also will finish my degree with a minor in nutrition to provide a total package program for my clients

Along with personal training I do work as a physical therapy technician helping people recover from injuries and enjoy seeing people improve there quality of life

Nationally qualified Bikini Competitor, whom specializes in weight loss, strength and condition training along with boxing for fitness. 

My passion is helping others achieve their goals and gain confidence through living a healthy active lifestyle





Antonio Diaz

Divison 1 track and field sprinter

Professional runner for the Dominican Republic

Professional Classic physique body builder

Glute and leg building specialist 

Aaron Eliserio ETRAINING

15 Years of Experience


– 3 years as a Recovery Specialist.
(Massage, advanced stretching and physical therapy techniques)

– 6 years as a Strength & Conditioning coach for youth sports teams.

– 6 years as a High School Track coach.
(sprints & hurdles)

– 7 years training women’s bikini and physique competitors.

– 10 years as a large group fitness instructor.

– 15 years as a general fitness instructor.

I began personal training at age 18 and fell in love with helping people. It has been my desire to help individuals on a greater scale than attaining a simple goal. I wanted improve the quality of life physically, mentally and maybe even more.

Throughout my 15 years career I constantly do continuing education and adding skills to my toolbox so I can better service my team.



Christopher Reeves Fit And Dapper

Christopher started Fit and Dapper with the mission to help men and women to look and feel great about themselves. His mission is to help individuals to redefine the parts they are no so proud of and while strengthening the parts they adore.


Chris has been a personal training since 2008.Early in his career, Chris was the direct of the Ergonomics program at a beef processing plant in Dodge City, Kansas. It was his responsibility to implement strategies and teach habits that reduce repetitive trauma injuries. Outside of his work environment he trained clients at a local recreational facility. This is where he discovered his passion to train others and lead him to go to college to pursue his development into helping others achieve there goals

Brian Fields Jr

•Born and raised in Southern California

•B.S. Kinesiology (Strength & Conditioning) -Cal State Fullerton


•High school football (Wide Receivers and Defensive Backs) 

and track and field coach (sprints and relays)

•Some rehabilitation experience

Areas of Specialty:

•Weight gain/loss

•Functional movements/corrective exercise



•Athletic Performance


Philosophy: Train all clients as if they were athletes.

Montrel Miller

*Professional Background*
Attended Boys Town High School (Neb)
State champion 4×1 & 4×4 relays
All state 110 hurdles & 300 hurdles
4 year All State letterman

4 year starter off & def
Semi state finalist team
All state 4 years
All class & All conference Rushing leader
Best Defense player 2 years Safety & OLB
Rushing Record holder 2680 yards season
Longest Rush TD (Record)
ESPN Player of the month
Consecutive 5000 yard rushing

IFBB Professional Men’s Physique Bodybuilding
Strength & Conditioning Specialist
Started training as bodybuilder in 2009-2010 with one of the greatest teachers “The Bob Clapp” Most Famous for his relationships with World class talent athlete’s some of the names “Arnold, Sergio Olivia, and much more.

Here is where I found my new love outside of playing football!  From 2012-2021 I stepped on stage more than 13 times regionally winning at regional and national level.  I won titles in Men’s physique competition as overall champion and several top 3 finishes. In 2019 I turned Pro by winning The Overall at Junior Nationals Pittsburgh Bodybuilding championship in Open division as well in the 35 plus division.

My career has truly given me a fantastic insight to training the body to perform at high levels or compete for overall look.  Working with Me will be one of the most exciting times you have training your body and the results will be better than ever because we focus on your nutrition along with much more!  Welcome to strategic academy

Diego Vasquez

NASM certified personal trainer, NASM certified nutrition coach, Corrective exercise specialization certification.

Nationally qualified NPC classic physique competitor, specialized in contest prep, Lifestyle weight loss/strength training and Nutrition.

I am a competitive bodybuilder passionate about helping ANYONE who has the drive to be better and work hard. I have helped numerous clients prep for shows as well as work with lifestyle clients to lose weight/build muscle and keep them pain free through proper training mechanics and corrective exercise! I truly enjoy helping each of my clients live a happier life through teaching proper exercise, diet and supplementation to reach any goal.

Devon Stephanian

DS Bodybuilding

one on one coaching

custom meal and workout plans

  • ï10+ years experience of powerlifting and bodybuilding.
  • ïCompeted in 4 NPC shows with 3 first place class wins. 
  • ï10 years of experience in one on one coaching providing customized meal and workout plans for competitors in NPC categories from bikini and wellness to men’s physique and classic physique.
  • ïWorked with both male and female clients to grow muscle and bulk up or lose weight and shred up whatever their goals may be.

Jackie Kowalski

Owner of Prestige Wellness Worldwide LLC.  She is a Certified Performance and Recovery Practitioner.  Jackie uses 2 innovative health tech devices, Electrons + and Neubie, to help clients reach their performance and recovery goals.  Jackie is a Type 1 diabetic who understands how important nutrition, not only to managing diabetes, but also its importance with recovery which led her to obtain her certification in Nutrition Coaching.

Jackie is a Figure competitor who has competed in 5 National shows and most recently placed 3rd at Jr. Nationals.  She continues to push forward, working hard towards earning her Pro Card.

Outside of helping clients, Jackie enjoys spending time with her husband and son.  She enjoys cooking and baking, so watch out around holiday time because she likes to give everyone treats!  Jackie is also a Disney fanatic and enjoys RunDisney trips with her girlfriends.

Power up your performance and recovery with Jackie at Prestige Wellness Worldwide!

Gabriela Jimenez

Owner of Gabby Marie Fit LLC.


Precision nutrition certified

CPR/AED certified

At the age of 18 I hired my first coach/trainer and my life was changed forever. I went from being overweight, unhealthy, chronically stressed and lacking confidence to feeling like I was unstoppable. I fell in love with health and fitness through my own journey and knew I wanted to help others feel the same.

I have been coaching for almost 4 years now and have helped hundreds of women transform physically and mentally. If you are looking to get stronger, gain confidence, feel sexy and have a healthier relationship with food I’d love to help. I currently offer 1:1 or small group sessions.


Instagram: @coachgabbs